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2012 Election Prediction… Obama Victory :(

While it pains us here at the Hernando Heckler to state this grim prediction, but for now it appears that based upon the current RINO front runners, Obama will be able to narrowly win a second term in office.

Romney, Newt, and Santorum are all basically the same RINO Big Government candidate with just a different appearance. All of them support an all-powerful Federal Government with endless powers and a weak system of vassal states that are nothing more then trophies in the crown of the Federal Empire. To make matters worse all of them support keeping Obamacare in place and none of them want or seek to abolish it. All of them support the continued growth of the military industrial complex Eisenhower warned us about, and none of them want to pull troops out of non-war zone areas such as Europe, Japan, Australia, and elsewhere the Federal Empire has managed to station troops.

In other words they are just another ripe crop of Lincolnites that believe in feathering the powers of the Empire vs. restoring the Republican system of Confederation that our founders established in 1776.

The only candidate that can beat Obama and save the United States of our founders, from the evils of the Federal Imperialists, is Ron Paul. Obama will make short work of Romney, Newt, and Santorum without even breaking a sweat and he fears Ron Paul like a vampire fears the cross and or garlic.

While this election is far from over to the uneducated masses out in la-la land that believe that America is going to somehow improve under these clowns. In the end this race will lead to one big dead end and another Obama victory, which will conclude with more “chills” shooting up the state media’s legs. Read the rest of this entry