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Response to Bob Haa (Part Duex)

angry-letter4-300x292During Monday mornings “Haa Wire” show on WWJB, a caller brought up our spot on response to Bob Haa’s first round of attacks against this here blog. Needless to say we nailed it in our original retort because Bob Haa chose to not bring up the talking points he did in his earlier attack against this blog. Instead he chose to make the accusation that the Heckler, and its staff are a bunch of ultra-Liberal Democrat plants, who are hell bent on bringing down the righteous Republican Party.

If you are a regular Heckler reader then you know that this is just a bunch of dishonest mud slinging… if you are not a regular Heckler reader then we would like to invite you to read our blog and make your mind up for yourself. Upon reading the Heckler you will soon discover that it is true that we HATE the Republican Party, but you will find it even more true that we hate the Democrats, Liberalism, and Marxism even more.

Hopefully you will not be as short sighted as Bob Haa in assuming that if one hates the Republican Party, then they must be a liberal. We also hope that you will not be as narrow minded as Bob Haa in assuming that the Republican Party is still a conservative party, or was ever a conservative party. Sure the GOP has had a handful (about 3) hard-core conservative Presidential candidates over its brief history (Goldwater, Reagan, and Paul) but the lame-duck Democrat-lite Presidential candidates and President elects have far out weighed the real conservatives in this category… and don’t even get me started on the hordes of Democrat-lite RINO’s that are currently in Congress or have been in Congress over the past 150 years. After all I’m trying to keep this a short Tuesday morning post. Read the rest of this entry