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Inflation is a Tax…



Wake Up! The Government Owns Nothing…


Hypersexualization is a Tool Used to Destroy the Family

(DISCLAIMER – The author of this video is a Muslim, but they nailed it, so when you see a quote from the Koran about half way through, don’t be surprised. I’m not saying that Muslims or Islam is correct, but that the views of this individual author is correct.).

Once the family unit is destroyed, then the Federals and their cronies can begin to move in and become surrogate parents… more so then they already are.

Seriously, how many of you out there that read this here publication, spend more than 1-2 hours with your children during the week? I doubt very few of our readers see their children more than they see their co-workers… hell I bet our readers see their co-workers more then they see their wife, husband, and children, and they spend more time “in the office” than at home.

This is the problem. The Federals have us slaving away to prop up their illegitimate Empire financially, while our family suffers because mom and dad are wage slaves to a broken system that only cares about educating every new generation just enough to be loyal and obedient servants.

Frankly we don’t know if a group called the “Illuminati” actually exists or not, but we do know that there is some kind of group out there that orchestrates this entire mess, because this mess is too well designed to exist by accident. The mathematical laws of variables can’t account for why the media, entertainment industry, and nearly every facet of society work together to advance the twisted goals of YOUR overlords in Washington DC. Hypersexualization is just one of the many tools these Imperialists use to control you, and destroy your family.

At best you see your child 2-3 hours a week, and on the weekend, lets face it… how much time do you actually spend with your child? The work week is too long, and we work too many hours given the value of the currency we are throwing away our lives for. But seriously do you believe that you have any impact on your children at the end of the day? The media is there 24/7 and their perverted government teachers are there more then you will ever be. This is by design, and its no accident.

Its time to Wise Up, and Rise Up!

Liz Warren Belongs in Jail


Merry Christmas!

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Don’t Be a Statist… Stop Supporting the Federal Govt.


Just so you know the Federal Govt’ is what you less educated people call “America”. So every time you fly the stripped Federal Flag, you support the system and the very same corruption you claim to oppose.

Any Questions?


The Grand Myth of Social Services


Wise Up, and Rise Up!


Don’t Allow Your Children to be Brain-Washed