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SEE IT: Footage reveals Hawaiian plane crash that killed health director who released President Obama’s birth certificate

Loretta Fuddy, the same lady who released Obama’s birth certificate and was under investigation by Sheriff Joe Arpaio for possible fraud regarding what he believes to be a fake birth certificate was the only fatality when the 2002 Cessna Grand Caravan lost power and slammed into the Pacific Ocean.

This is the horrifying moment a plane crashed into waters off Hawaii and killed its state director of health Loretta Fuddy – who was responsible for releasing Barack Obama’s longform birth certificate.

Terrifying footage taken by another passenger on board shows the aircraft losing power shortly after take-off and then later slamming hard into the water.

Needless to say this has sparked a massive conspiracy theory given that Fuddy can be seen in the video hanging onto the wing of the plane alive. Then she somehow magically dies of hypothermia in water that is roughly 76 degrees warm, and from injuries sustained in the crash? If you look in the video she is clearly unharmed and appears to be normal.


When Are Crackers in Hernando Gonna Wake Up!

Hernando_County_fl_sealEvery morning I wake up and the same thought crosses my mind… when are the native Florida Crackers in Hernando County gonna wake up? Seriously Hernando does not have a jobs problem, it has a severe Yankee problem that is more of an infestation. All of Hernando’s problems can be traced back to the Yankees and their lifestyle, politics, and their way of life.

Hernando County is one of 20 Florida Counties that has an unemployment rate above 10%, a crime rate above 10%, and a population consistency of 70% Yankees to 20% Native Floridians or Dixons, with another 5% made up of roughly illegal aliens and legal foreign nationalist alike. In parts of South Florida the population consistency is even worse, for example in Miami-Dade County and Broward County the consistency is more along the lines of 80% Yankee, 15% illegal alien / legal foreign nationalist, and 5% Native Floridian or Native Dixons. Nearly all of the crime in the State, about 72.5% of all crime in Florida occurs in these 20 Counties, and nearly all of the unemployment in Florida occurs in these 20 Counties.

Heck according to USA Today, Hernando County, namely Spring Hill is the prescription drug capital of Florida and has a growing epidemic where 3 out of 5 babies born in Spring Hill are born with a severe addiction to prescription drugs. Note that this breakdown is comparable to the 70-20 breakdown above. That means that for every 5 babies you see at a local Spring Hill park are likely born with a prescription drug addiction.

To make matters worse I can personally attest that jobs in this county are only given out to Yankees. I currently hold a Masters Degree from UCF and have applied for hundreds of jobs in Hernando County since 2009 when my family and I moved here. If I had to give an exact number it would have to be in the ballpark of 250 jobs easy. All within my degree field mind you. Out of those 250 applications I only got an interview for 3 of those jobs I applied for, and in every case the jobs was given to a person that was transferring down from New York, New Jersey, and Michigan.

I know this because of sunshine laws and a FIOA request.

Furthermore I did a simple Google search online for a current staff directory of the agencies I applied with and easily determined that the Yankee that was hired has a relative working for he agency that hired them. Read the rest of this entry

German Govt on MH017 “Ukrainian Fighter Jet Brought Down Malaysian Airlines Flight 017”

Yankee built Ukranian F16 Tomcat

Yankee built Ukranian F16 Tomcat

Make no mistake about it, the Yankee media is concocting lies about what really happened to MH017 and is doing everything it can to cover up the truth. The truth about flight MH017 is that the Russians and the Russian Rebels had nothing to do with it, and that the Yankee backed Ukrainian government is in fact behind the crash. Why else would the Ukrainian government be actively shelling the crash site? The Russian Rebels are doing everything they can to allow crash investigators to visit the site, and every time the investigators arrive the Yankee backed Ukrainian government starts shelling the area.

This is what a German pilot-cum-air technology expert Peter Haisenko has just published on the subject of the MH17 disaster (my emphases): Read the rest of this entry

Libtard UK Close to Legalizing GM Babies as Standard Practice

v.1Britain’s government has allegedly misled the public with respect to a newly developed invitro fertilisation (IVF) procedure that experts claim will lead to the birth of “genetically modified babies.”

A group of prominent scientists, including Lord Winston – a long-standing expert in fertility treatment, have criticized Britain’s Department of Health for attempting to furtively introduce a new IVF technique that will allow the DNA of future generations to be manipulated.

The British government has attempted to redefine the term “genetic modification” (GM) to include a controversial new method that will culminate in babies inheriting their genetic make-up from three separate individuals, the scientists say.

Hidden in the depths of a recently penned Department of Health document, the legislative change has been orchestrated to normalize mitrochondrial donation – a technique designed to prevent genetically inherited diseases being propagated by utilizing healthy mitochondria taken from a donor egg or embryo.

But those opposed to the scientific method argue that the use of such healthy donor mitochondria will produce “three parent embryos,” and could herald a new era of “designer babies” and GM children.

While the British government has admitted it recently made the decision to adopt “a working definition [of ‘GM’] for the purpose of taking forward these regulations,” numerous scientists believe this covert legislative shift is inherently dishonest. They also caution it could seriously undermine public confidence in medical experts who endorse the technique’s state-wide introduction. Read the rest of this entry

Obama has Illegally Banned all Russian Gun Imports…

The Executive Order signed on Wednesday by Dictator Barack Obama is being called  ”evil” by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and bans, among other things, the sale of all Russian-made AK-47 semi-automatic rifles, Saiga-12 shotguns, and all other firearms and parts manufactured by Kalishnikov Concern.

According to the U.S. Treasury Department, Americans will still be able to purchase AK-47′s in the secondary market, as long as Kalishnikov Concern does not have a direct financial interest in the transaction.

The Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control released a statement advising concerned U.S. gun owners that, while they can still sell existing stocks of AK-47′s and other firearms on the importation ban list, new purchases from the Russian-based manufacturers by private or commercial gun interests have been outlawed.

According to Kurt Nimmo of Infowars the President’s unilateral move by way of Executive Order could usher in a new era of gun restrictions across the United States without Congressional oversight, “The criminalization of an entire line of foreign manufactured firearms is possible under ‘national emergency powers’ and there is no appeal process.”

So where are the militia’s and “We the People” now? Obama has illegally banned half of the gun market and nobody has done anything about it. Seriously you people sicken me… nobody took the streets… no States have seceded… no nothing.

I will leave you sheep with this clip from the last Star Wars movie…

Google Celebrates Communist Terrorist Day!

If you visit Google today then you will see their loving tribute to everyone’s favorite murdering South African Communist Terrorist, Nelson Mandela!


I don’t know about y’all but I’m fed up with Google and Apple. We Dixons need our own anti-libtard technological super power. I’m tired of depending upon people that loath me and my people for access to the internet and technology.

Heritage Crisis in Texas – Illegals Destroying Cemetery’s

Gravestones damaged by an Islamist groupBROOKSVILLE – Just when we thought that we were winning the war in Texas, it appears that we have taken a major step backwards. Keep in mind that Obama seeks to neutralize Texas and its conservative population by allowing millions of illegals to walk across the border so that he and the other elitists in power can legalize them. Currently Texas is home to the largest and most successful secessionist movement in the Federal Empire, the Texas Nationalist Movement.

Currently the TNM has enough support to push the Texas legislature to call a secession vote and the Imperialists in Washington fear that once a vote is called, Texans will vote to leave. Keep in mind that secession doesn’t need the approval of some bogus Federal Law to be valid. The Colonialists didn’t seek the approval of King George when they seceded and Texans won’t seek the approval of King Obama either. So to prevent Texas from seceding, the Federals are allowing millions (about 32 million to be exact) of illegals from Mexico and Guatemala to come across the borders.

Currently only children are coming across the borders, this is by design. You see the children are seeking refuge status from nothing… there is no war in Southern Mexico or Guatemala to seek refuge from. Once the children are granted refuge status, then per international law the families of these illegal refuge children will be allowed to come across the border and into Texas and will also be granted refuge status as well. Currently there are 12 million illegal alien children in Texas, and if you do the math, the immediate and extended families of these children can easily take that 12 million immigrant number up to 32 or even 50 million.

An influx of 32 to 50 million illegals will achieve the goals of the Republicans and Democrats and will effectively double the population of Texas, and neutralize the secession movement.

The illegals win because for the past 170 years they have been trying to reclaim Texas by out-breeding its white population, this is called reconquesta and is a political ideology that is being taught in Mexican schools and is endorsed by the Mex Read the rest of this entry

The Plans of ISIS (i.e. the Federally Funded Syrian Rebels)


BROOKSVILLE – Islamic State jihadists not only have designs on Saudi Arabia, Israel and Rome for their caliphate but also on Spain and other lands Muslims occupied from A.D. 622 to 1492.

In a newly released video in Arabic, Islamic State jihadists vowed to “conquer Israel, Rome and Spain.” IS would redraw boundaries of countries, separate Shia and Sunni Muslims, and subject everyone to extreme Islamic law, or Shariah.

Al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahiri also has called for restoring to Muslim rule the Iberian Peninsula, referring to as Al-Andalus, as it was known in the eighth century.

“O our Muslim Umma (community) in the Maghreb of ribat and jihad (land of resistance and holy war): restoring Al-Andalus (Spain) is a trust on the shoulders of the Ummah in general and on your shoulders in particular,” Zawahiri said in 2007.

He also called for the “cleansing” of the “sons of Spain and France” in North Africa, which includes the Maghreb. Today, Al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb, or AQIM, is waging its jihad there.

“Restoring al-Andalus is a trust on the shoulders of the nation in general and on your shoulders in particular, and you will not be able to do that without first cleansing the Muslim Maghreb of the children of France and Spain, who have come back again after your fathers and grandfathers sacrificed their blood cheaply in the path of God to expel them,” Zawahiri said. Read the rest of this entry

Heritage Crime in Virginia!

0jNaR0PyThuYri2ocfPA_imagesIn the event you have been living under a rock, Washington and Lee University has removed all of the Confederate Battle Flags from inside Lee’s Tomb. This is not only a disgrace, but a hate crime against Confederates.

Do your part to sign the below petition today!


Heritage Victory in Texas!

1301702_orig“Hurrah for Texas! Texans always move them!” The below news is from the VA Flaggers…

Congratulations to the Texas Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans!

Austin—The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled today that the Texas branch of the Sons of Confederate Veterans has the right to have the state issue license plates adorned with the Confederate battle flag.

In April last year, U.S. District Judge Sam Sparks ruled against the group, declaring that the state was allowed to pick and choose which messages and symbols appear on state-issued plates.

At issue in the Circuit Court was whether the state Department of Motor Vehicles Board had engaged in “viewpoint discrimination” and violated the group’s First Amendment right when it denied an application for a specialty plate.

The judges ruled that license plates are a form of “private speech,” and thus protected by the First Amendment. The court also ruled that the Board’s rejection of the plate “favored one speaker over another.”

Supporters of the plate argued that the flag honored Confederate soldiers and Southern heritage, while those opposed said the flag symbolized a racially-charged message and that distributing such a plate would be tantamount to the state memorializing slavery.

Texas could choose to appeal for a rehearing by the 5th Circuit judges or to the Supreme Court.