Culture Warrior Tactics

This section is meant to serve as a peaceful and legal culture war battlefield guide to the Florida Cracker culture warrior. The top section will include peaceful and legal tried and tested culture warrior tactics that has been used by other Florida Crackers with great success during their battles against Yankees, socialists, secularists, and illegals. The second section will include non-peaceful and illegal tactics that have been used and should be avoided. We have included the illegal tactics to set a barrier that should not be crossed. This way we can’t be blamed when someone crosses the line we set, because we did set a firm and clear barrier.

Peaceful and Legal Florida Cracker Culture-Warrior Tactics:

  • Business Cards left under windshield wipers: This is a legal and very peaceful tactic that has been used with great success in Florida for the past 8 years. Basically this tactic involves getting 1,000 business cards created with verbiage on the front that reads something to the effect…”You are no better then an illegal alien, you move down here and refuse to assimilate. Do us all a favor and move back up North, and don’t let the door hit you where the good lord split you.” You can put something to this effect on the front side, and on the back you can include a map, a Florida flag, Confederate flag, or anything else. Just make sure that when you purchase these cards that you do so using a method that can’t be tracked down. There are many, many developers and real-estate agents that will do their best to track you down and get you fired from your job. If you purchase them from a local print company then use a fake name and use cash. If you purchase them online, then you will need to purchase a refillable VISA card that can’t be traced, and make sure to register this refillable VISA card under an alias as well.
  • Flying Southern or Floridian Flags: This is by far the single biggest thing that a Floridian Culture Warrior can do to demoralize our enemies and boost the morale of our forces. All of our enemies hate seeing local Southern and Cracker flags flying, and they especially hate to see them flying higher then their flags, and likewise a Southerner or Cracker culture warrior will be immediately invigorated and infused with pride and spirit by seeing a Southern or Cracker flag flying high and proud. Just make sure that when you do this you don’t have any Yankee or Federal flags flying on the same pole as the Southern or Cracker flag, or next to it. You are either a Southerner, a Cracker, or you are the enemy. You cannot be both. Its time to pick a side. Flying a Federal or Yankee flag above a Southern or Cracker flag is the biggest insult a person can make. When you do this you are essentially stating that the might of the Empire is supreme and that the Southern and Cracker causes are dead. Its a sign of defeat and a big insult to both Southerners and Crackers alike, so don’t do it. Also if you do choose to do this then you are likely gonna be labeled a supporter or ally of the KKK. According to the rules of the KKK, which can be found online thus how we know about it, ask their members to fly a Federal Flag on-top of a Confederate Flag. This is a hidden Klan method of identifying other Klansmen. Kind of like a visual high-five. So that is another reason why you shouldn’t do it.




Note that as a Florida Nationalist and a proud 3rd generation Native Florida Cracker I only fly the State flag of Florida (see above, 2nd image) and the Bonnie Blue flag (see below). I do fly the Confederate flag on special occasions, such as Confederate holidays that are observed in Florida. Out of all the designs I’m most fondest of the 1st national Confederate flag with 11 stars (see below). I’m most fond of this version because historically this is the only version that was flown in Florida. Despite the Confederate Congress changing the official flag of the Confederacy twice before its demise, the government of Florida never adopted these new versions and stuck with the old 11 star flag. Also note that the 13 star 1st national was never flown in Florida, this variation was mostly flown in South Carolina, Virginia, and Texas. So for me as a Florida Nationalist its more historically accurate. In any event the Tennessee Battle Flag is often much easier to find and as such its often the cheapest Confederate flag which is why I fly it more then the 1st national that I prefer.


Bonnie Blue Flag


1st National Flag that flew over Tallahassee until October of 1865

Currently the Florida Government observes Robert E. Lee’s Birthday, Confederate Memorial Day (i.e. Decoration Day) and Jeff Davis’s Birthday, while the people of Florida proudly celebrate an observe on their own those important Confederate holidays and Lee-Jackson Day, Confederate Flag Day, J.W. Booths Birthday, and the dates of important Confederate victories. This brings me to another important tactic.

  • Celebrate Southern & Floridian Holidays Openly: This tactic not only pisses off Yankees, but it also helps to instill a strong sense of Southern and Floridian Nationalism within your family and friends, namely your children. In my household we openly celebrate the following mix of Southern and Floridian holidays (see below). We order cakes from our local Winn-Dixie supermarket, we hoist up the appropriate flags (i.e. Confederate or Floridian), have a big bonfire, and depending on which holiday it is we either light off fireworks, have a dinner of some kind, maybe a BBQ, or head to our local Confederate cemetery and lay flowers and Confederate battle flags. Note that Winn-Dixie is the only supermarket that will make a Confederate Battle Flag cake. All of the other bakeries will refuse to make one no matter what you pay them. The only cake that these other bakeries will make is a Bonnie Blue flag cake, which is just a blue cake with a single white star.
    • Florida Independence Day (January 10th)
    • Lee-Jackson Day (third weekend of January)
    • Confederate Flag Day (March 4th)
    • Decoration Day in Florida & Alabama (April 26th)
    • J.W. Booths Birthday (May 10th)
    • Jeff Davis Birthday (June 3rd)

confederate-cake-winn-dixie-0827 confederate-cake-winn-dixie-0827-2

If we are going to win this culture war then your children need to be on the same page when they grow up into adults. Otherwise everything is for not. You’re basically wasting your time as parents if you fail to reinforce these holidays with your children. My son is too young to partake in these holidays for now, so we just do a dumbed down celebration for now. We basically celebrate for us and save the extra money and time for when he gets older.

Also having a tight nit group of friends who have kids the same age as you do is also important, it makes the event more special and helps to make it stick more with the little ones. The only way around this hick-up is if you have a large family 4+ children, and even then its important to have another family or two to associate with and celebrate these holidays.

Currently there we are going it alone given that my family lives on the border of Spring Hill and Brooksville. The Southern people we know are all scalawags in that they worship at the alter of the Federal Empire, and most of our neighbors are transplants. So for now we are stuck going it alone until we can locate some like minded people.

Also this touches on our next point about homeschooling. If you send your kids off to a Federalized government school then you will have a hard time getting and keeping your children involved. When you send your children off to a government school for about 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, then you are allowing the liberal-Marxist Federal Empire to indoctrinate your children and brain wash them into being loyal and sub-servant Imperial atheist worker bees vs. independent Christian Dixons and Floridians.

Going back to the holiday aspect, it is very important as well that you don’t work on these days. I take off every one of these days from work. Otherwise how can it be a real holiday if you are stuck in an office and your family is left at home to celebrate it without you? You have to make the commitment to really treat these days like real holidays.

  • Home School your Children: The topic says it all. To avoid having your children brain washed by the Federal Education system which is full of Marxist educators you will need to home school them as much as humanly possible. It has been proven time and time again that children who are home schooled keep their faith, test higher on college tests, and have a much more successful adult professional and family life then children that are indoctrinated by the Marxist Federal education system. This is where the rubber meets the road as far as the Federal brain washing efforts are concerned which is why home schooling is so important. Not only will you be able to give your children a world class Christian education, if you choose so, but you can also instill in them facts about the Confederacy and why it really seceded and why it really fought for its freedom. Spoiler Alert… none of it has to do with slavery and that is because slavery was not a factor for about 99% of the Confederate South, because only 1% of Confederates owned slaves. The other 99% could have cared less about this institution. The choice to home school is yours, but keep in mind that no matter how well you try to counter what the schools teach you will ultimately fail in the end.

Non-Peaceful and Illegal Florida Cracker Culture-Warrior Tactics:

  • Defacing Imperial Currency: It is a Federal Crime to deface Federal Currency, so we suggest that you don’t do this. If you do then you do so on your own. We are not sure how effective this method is, but one thing is for sure it will most likely piss off Yankees and Linconites who worship Lincoln like a God. Again we don’t condone this, nor do we do this, but it appears that those that do this use a simple stamp and red ink. Now we would advise to not do this at all, but many do, hence why we have noted it down under this category.



  • Defacing Public / Private Signs: The law about this practice is questionable and depends upon the degree of the defacing. Regardless it can be seen as a crime so its listed here. Typically you won’t get in trouble if you do this kind of Civil Disobedience, and it depends on the officer and the property owner. For example if you slap a “SECEDE” or Confederate Flag Sticker on a gas pump, or local road sign you will likely not get in trouble, even if an officer spots you. However it depends. If a Yankee carpet bagger cop see’s you do it you will likely get a ticket, if a local Florida Cracker cop see’s you, then you will likely skate on it. This is why this is a questionable offense. What makes this a clear crime is when you slap a sticker on a memorial or monument. A few years back a group of Confederates in Kentucky slapped a “SECEDE” sticker on a bronze statue of Lincoln and all hell broke loose. So think before you sticker… the general rule of thumb should be to avoid monuments, memorials, and private property… Meanwhile gas pumps, street signs, road ways mail boxes, and government buildings are open game.



  • Defacing Offensive or Pointless Monuments of Yankee Supremacy: This would be highly illegal, which is why you should never do it. We are telling you to not do it. Now that has been said, many, many Confederates have resorted to doing this vile act. Again don’t do it, because we have just as many monuments and memorials, and many of those have been defaced by Yankees or bigoted minority groups that hate Confederates. If we are in the midst of a shooting war then fine, target away, but in a time of occupational peace we have just as much to loose as the Yankees do, which is why monuments and memorials are off-limits. Again I can’t say it enough DO NOT DO IT. While we did find it amusing that some trashed Lincoln’s memorial, the very next week a Confederate memorial in Richmond was equally trashed in retaliation, so it was pointless.
Confederate attack on the Lincoln Memorial back in 2013.

Confederate attack on the Lincoln Memorial back in 2013.

  • Attacking Private Property: This is a major no-no and is a felony that might get you shot. Regardless of how much you HATE Yankees you need to avoid doing this. If you live next to an Imperial Federal loving “merican” that flies a dozen Yankee Federal Flags, and as a Confederate you are offended by this dumb-ass, then instead of raiding his property to destroy these flags, you should instead fight fire with fire by erecting a massive flag pole, larger than anything your neighbor has.  Once erected hoist up the Florida Flag with a Confederate Flag, the Bonnie Blue with a Confederate Flag, or my favorite option, two massive flag poles with a Florida Flag and a Bonnie Blue Flag. The Confederate Flag should be flown for Confederate holidays, and not used daily. There are many legal ways to annoy your dumb-ass Federal loving neighbor, so don’t resort to illegal methods.


  • Yankees are the Bad Guys… Liberal Yankees are the Bad Guys on Steroids: For the past 150 years the Yankees have done their best to deflect Southern anger and hate by off-loading it onto former slaves and minority groups. Don’t buy this lie. Black people and by extension other minority groups are not the problem and had nothing to do with the Confederate defeat during the War of Secession. 100% of the blame for our defeat falls on the backs of wealthy white Yankees who lusted after a grand global Federal Empire, and continue to do so to this very day. The Yankees have been very successful in turning Confederate Blacks and Whites against each other and fanning the flames of needless and senseless racial hatred. So know your enemy, which are white Yankees. The Confederate people of Dixie need to unite together and rise up as one people, then and only then will we ever truly be free.
  1. If you and yours are so anti american, why are you still here?

  2. Cracker Commander

    We aren’t in America, we are in the Occupied Republic of Florida, which is located in Occupied Dixie / the former Confederate States.

    • Buford T. Justice

      You’re still on land of the United States of America, my friend. And you will never get over that. Your tax money and the money from anything you ever buy or sell goes right into the pockets of the United States Government

      • Cracker Commander

        Nope, we are in the Federal Empire for NOW. This Empire is spending its way into oblivion and will become insolvent sooner rather than later.

        Confederates will be free again.

  3. Justa Normalguy

    I find it very heartwarming to hear that you have not found any other like-“minded” families here yet. Have fun with your “War”. Often I fly the stars and stripes. I guess that would make me your enemy. Go ahead and try to assault my house and see what happens! Too funny.

    • Cracker Commander

      Oh contrar, we have found plenty of local natives that think the same way and have begun displaying the correct flags of our people, vs. the foreign Imperial Federal flags of your people.

      We have over 6,000 readers a day from just the Hernando-Citrus-Pasco area. We get dozens of pictures a week of people destroying their Federal flags, and flying the Florida flag, Confederate flag, or Bonnie Blue flag.

      With everyday the Confederate cause gains ground in this area, and your Imperial cause looses ground.

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