Confederate Veterans, We Salute You!

While there will be plenty of flag waiving by the Yankees today given that we have tons of Federal Veterans within the Empire we wanted to take a different stance and salute the Confederate Veterans (1861-1865) and the many Dixon’s who have fought or currently fight in the Federal Armed Forces today.

The sacrifice of today’s Dixon troops have been all but ignored by the Federal Historians and Federal controlled media. Since 1865 proud Dixon’s and former Confederates have held their noses and joined the Federal Armed Forces so they could defend their families and home States from the threat of Nazi’s, Communists, and now terrorists.

While the Yankees like to think that their Federal Troops are all 100% loyal to their corrupt and tyrannical Federal Empire and its stripped flag, they would be wrong.

Since the Spanish-American War there have been entire Federal divisions that have proudly saluted, fought, and died for the Southern Cause, wore Confederate patches instead of Federal ones, and hoisted Confederate flags high above their Federal military bases or garrisons.

If you don’t believe me then look at these here pictures… these pictures are just a sample, I have hundreds of pictures from Dixon troops carrying the Stars n Bars into battle.

World War II:

1945 Iwo Jima, USMC

1944, Northern Europe – US Army Ranger

1945, Okinawa – USMC

1944, USAF – Pacific Theater

1943, USN – USS Picking

Vietnam War:

1968, Vietnam – USMC

1970, Vietnam – USMC

1966, Vietnam – USMC

1968, Vietnam – USMC

1966, Vietnam – USMC

1970, Vietnam – USMC

1969, Vietnam – USMC

1972, Vietnam – USAF

1973, Vietnam – USMC / US Special Forces

War on Terror:

2005, Iraq – USMC

2007, Downtown Baghdad, Iraq – USMC

2007, Downtown Baghdad, Iraq – USMC

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