Muslim Woman Sentenced to Death for Witchcraft?

The cult of Islam is out of control… its not a religion, its a combination of a mental disorder and a general lack of intelligence, just like Multiculturalism, radical homosexuality, and racism.


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  1. Please distinguish Islam from Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is not a complete or even half of a proper representation of Islam and it’s teachings. There’s so much wrong there in general let alone in regards to how they practice my religion that it’s to much list.

    • I’m referring to Islam as a whole. Look at your comrades in England who are beheading people, raping kids, and dumping acid on women. Heck look here in the United States at Ft. Hood and the Boston Bombing. Look at Syria where Islamic men are raping and beheading children, and rounding up Catholics, Christians, and Jews and beheading them as well.

      Islam is a violent cult built on the foundation of a violent pagan moon worshiping cult.

      • I’m sorry but those are not representations of Islam. They do represent the evil within man though. Doesn’t matter what “faith” those would be they would have justified their actions one way or the other.

      • ??

        How many Christians or Jews in the past 50 years have beheaded a person, married a 10 year old girl, blew themselves up in a suicide bomb, have killed a family member in an honor killing, or have killed a person due to witchcraft?

        Last time I checked Muslims do this stuff every week, if not every day.

      • Its not about those faith vs my faith. That’s a very ignorant and immature argument which is easily refuted. If someone really does want to place the “faith” card then the chrisitan and jewish faith are not innocent at all. But I’m not going to go there because everyone knows its not about the religion but there are crazy people everywhere. You will one day learn that hopefully.

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